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Andreola was founded in the early 50s using the first third parties machinery for building and road works. In the following years the Company grew and gradually consolidated a more and more indipendent management of the orders thanks to its investments in equipment and resources; a circumstance which allowed the direct aquisition of contracts.

During the 80s Andreola took on a new Company connotation becoming the present Andreola Costruzioni Generali SpA which, thanks to the total devotion of the shareholders, to the constant technological updating and the availability of qualified staff, strenghtened its position in various fields of the building industry.

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In particular in the:
construction of roads, motorways, bridges, viaducts, tunnels/railways underpasses, urbanizazion and all the related technological networks, junctions, parking lots, airstrips, water distribution networks, lift service plants for aqueducts, sewerage networks, plants for wastewater, gas pipelines, power grids, telephone networks, irrigation systems, consolidation of riverbeds, soil defensive works, construction of dumpings, reclamations.

construction of school/sport/cultural/recreational/military and public buildings, recovery/restoration and preservation/ renovation of buildings subjected to historical/environmental constraints, construction and management of works in project financing, construction of residential/commercial/industrial buildings.

Building division on behalf of public authorities and private clients that place Andreola amongst the leading building companies in its area.

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